Management Courses

Introduction to Management Skills

Course Overview

The intensive 7 day course may be run as a block or as one day a week over seven weeks. It is aimed at improving the efficiency of personnel employed in or destined for managerial positions.

It aims to introduce personnel to the principles and practices of management as it appertains to work practices.

Day 1. Management Roles and Functions

How Managers organise and function


  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Motivating
  • Controlling
  • Co-ordinating
  • Communicating

Organisation Theory

  • Responsibility
  • Delegation
  • Accountability
  • Authority

Day 2. Managing and Improving your Skills and Efficiency

How to get the best from yourself

Organising yourself

Managing time

Problem solving/Decision making

Information - The importance of recording information in the most appropriate way.




Body language


Day 3. Planning and Preparation

Why and how to plan for activities

Reasons for Planning

The Planning Process

Methods of Planning

Day 4. Managing Resources

How to maximise resources

Security & Wastage

Control of Materials and Plant

The implication and financial challenges resulting from poor resources control

Day 5. Working with People

How to get the best from other people

Dealing with People


Team Building


Day 6. Financial Planning and Control

Controlling Costs and maximising profit

Economic Factors

Financial Planning

Managing Costs

Monitoring Costs

Day 7. Legislation

Ensuring you conform to the law


Health and Safety

Fee: £595 + Vat

Contract Procurement Strategies

Course Overview

This is a two day seminar to explore the various forms of contract procurement available to clients. It will give an insight into the advantages and limitations of forms of construction procurement and forms of contracts available.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended to update the knowledge of those currently engaged in construction activities and potential clients of construction companies.

Clients will benefit from a knowledge of the options available to select a suitable contractor and forms of contract which may be adopted by the parties.

What You Will Learn

  • Lump sum / open tender contracts
  • Serial contracts
  • Negotiated contracts
  • Term contracts.
  • Cost plus contracts
  • Management contracts
  • Design and Build contracts
  • Turnkey / Package deal contracts
  • Partnering contracts
  • Variations encompassing elements of several of the above - Designer contracts.

The seminar will also include the forms of contract available to the contractor and client to legally bind and safeguard the parties.

Fee: £170 + Vat

Dispute Resolution and Negotiating Skills

Course Overview

This two day seminar is will introduce the key concepts that will enable you to develop the skills and techniques you need to handle disputes effectively and confidently and enable you to advise others on the features and uses of effective dispute resolution techniques.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the management of projects at contract and middle management level.

What You Will Learn

  • Why do disputes arise
  • Issues for the resolution of disputes
  • Means of dealing with disputes:
    • Negotiating
    • Litigation
    • Arbitration
    • Alternative dispute resolution
      • Conciliation
      • Mediation
      • Executive Tribunal
  • The FIDIC and Dispute Procedures

The seminar will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each method of dealing with disputes and how to instigate and conduct them.

Fee: £170 + Vat

Effective Contracts Administration

Course Overview

This two day seminar will investigate the relationship between management and administrative processes and explore their interrelationship and dependency. It will consider the contract phases and the need to control activities and individuals in order to ensure management information is available. The seminar will provide a sound understanding of the administration of a construction project and provide solutions to ensure the efficient and effective integration of contract processes and procedures. It will further explore the human and contractual relationships existing within a project and the need to maintain harmonious yet contractually sound and professional administration.

Who Should Attend

Construction professionals who have responsibility for the effective and efficient management of construction contracts by ensuring that the processes and procedures used provide comprehensive evidence throughout the contract to refute the claims of others claims or verify the claims of the contractor.

What You Will Learn

  • Management /Administration definition and interrelationship.
  • Systems and company structure to ensure effective use of resources and provide management information.
  • Construction contract documents used during construction
  • Pre-tender procedures
  • Pre - contract procedures
  • Contract procedures.
  • Post -contract procedures

The seminar will examine the documents and contractual forms used to provide management with the information required in a timely and appropriate form.

Fee: £170 + Vat

Project Leadership

Course Overview

This two day seminar is intended to introduce the key concepts that must be understood in order to enable you to develop the practical skills and techniques needed in order to improve your ability in providing leadership on a project.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in the management or supervision of people, at any level, who are responsible in providing leadership in a project.

What You Will Learn

  • The Styles of Leadership and their advantages/disadvantages
  • The Role of the Leader Interpersonal, Informational, Decisional
  • Considerations of leadership
    • Qualities needed by a leader
    • Situation how leadership will depend on the situation
    • Function what tasks the leader must carry out
  • Handling People how to motivate and get the best from people
  • Communication ensuring that an efficient system of communication is used
  • Problem solving how to assess and find solutions to problems
  • Decision making the techniques used to aid decision making

The seminar will examine the theory of leadership and how you can provide leadership for a project.

Fee: £170 + Vat

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