CIOB Chartered Membership Programme (CMP)

The Chartered Membership Programme is a route to MCIOB for individuals with significant management experience who lack formal qualifications at Honours Degree level. It enhances competence skills with a knowledge based programme.

The Chartered Membership Programme is a seamless route to MCIOB providing a platform to develop and broaden your knowledge enabling you demonstrate your suitability for a more senior role.


The Benefits of the Chartered Membership Programme

For candidates

  • A supported route to chartered membership.
  • A structured learning programme that gives you the specialist knowledge and skills to manage construction projects effectively.
  • The programme provides a developmental route into a middle and senior management roles suitable for a range of professionals.
  • Assessment is through a practical project scenario that allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge over an extended time frame.
  • Access to a virtual learning site allowing you access to teaching resources at any time.
  • Guidance and support with your Professional Review application.



  • A structured learning programme leading to a professional qualification.
  • Increase and broaden knowledge of construction management including management, contracts and commercial practice in the construction industry, health, safety and welfare and construction technology.
  • Provides a vehicle to develop your staff into middle and senior management roles.


Who itís for

Typically those enrolling on the programme will have worked in a management role for 5 years. However, the programme is also suitable for a wide range of technical and specialist professionals working in the construction industry.

The programme also forms a progression route to MCIOB for candidates who have completed the CIOB Site Management Programmes.


Application Process

Prior to being accept for the programme with Gates MacBain Associates Limited you will need to complete an Expression of Interest Form and send it back to us.  Your application must be accompanied by a full CV and job description, details of the Company you work for, a Company Organisation Chart and a CPD record.  You will also need to provide details of the projects you have been involved in for the last 5 years.

This will enable us to carry out an assessment of your current knowledge and experience and to identify any gaps in your knowledge and any additional support you may need.

Once accepted for the programme we will provide you with a CIOB Provider Approval form which you need to complete and return to the CIOB, this will be your registration form.  Registration costs £50.00 payable to the CIOB directly.  You will also need to apply for Student or Associate Membership on-line. All Candidates must be in membership prior to starting their course of study.

Once the CIOB have received your Approval Form they will e-mail you with instructions for payment and membership.

The Approval Form is also your registration for the exam.

Once registered you will be sent login details to access the CMP virtual learning site (Moodle) and you can start your programme.


Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is recorded throughout your programme in preparation for your Professional Review application. You will have access to all CIOB professional development events and resources.


Programme of Studies

The programme is made up of 4 modules designed to give you the specialist knowledge and skills required to manage construction projects effectively.

Each module has written learning outcomes and assessment criteria which clearly set out what you are expected to learn and how your knowledge will be assessed.

The four modules are:

Construction Technology

  • Concepts in ground engineering techniques and substructure technology.
  • Principles of the installation of building services.
  • Analyse the design and operation of the superstructure for commercial and multi storey buildings.
  • Principles of relating to work on existing structures and fabric.
  • The design process in relation to the built environment.



  • Process management in the construction industry.
  • Management of resources used in the construction industry.
  • Planning and scheduling of construction projects.
  • Performance management within the construction industry.


Contracts and Commercial Practice

  • The law in relation to the construction industry.
  • Factors that affect the costs of a construction project.
  • Pre- and post-contract administrative processes.
  • How construction work is procured.
  • How commercial risk is managed.
  • How construction disputes can be resolved.


Health, Safety and the Environment

  • The legal framework underpinning health and safety.
  • Actual or anticipated health, safety and environmental risks.
  • Aims of sustainable development, legislation and its application to the built environment.
  • Problems from an environmental perspective and developing a sustainable solution.
  • Environmental concepts and how they apply to organisational strategy and policy formation.

Gates MacBain Associates will provide you with access to their own on-line learning materials for each of the units, which is accessed via the Construction Learning Gateway so you can work on your programme at your own pace and at a time and place to suit you. 


The Professional Review

The Professional review forms part of the CMP, it is a paper-based assessment of an individualís experience and competence; your submission must include a report, job description, Company Organisation Chart, CV and CPD record.  The initial assessment will be made by Gates MacBain Associates who will assess your experience against the requirements of the Professional Review. If there are gaps in your experience they are identified early on so your can discuss your development with your employer. They will support you in developing your professional review application and guide you through the process, the final assessment will be made by CIOB.

Throughout the programme Gates MacBain Associates will give advice and support on the completion of your Professional Review application, this service is included within the costs of the units.

You will need to have completed and submitted your PR prior to completing the Examination.


The Examination

There is one examination, taken in June or November and is Open Book, which means you can work at home using all available resources.

As a member of the CIOB you will also have access to the CIOB on-line learning system called Moodle; the exam is issued and answered through this system and the results are issued through Moodle.

You will be provided with a construction project scenario and drawings and will answer 4 questions relating to the 4 modules. You will be given 10 days to submit your answer to the questions through the virtual learning environment, Moodle. This allows you to use the resources of your choice to complete your assessment.

The fee for the examination is £350.00 and must be paid to the CIOB 8 weeks prior to the examination taking place.

Examination results are issued in September and January.


Chartered Membership

On successful completion of your CMP and the PR you will be offered Chartered membership.



The costs of the CMP are as follows:

£50.00 Registration fee payable directly to the CIOB upon registration

£1,250.00 + VAT for the on-line learning programme for the 4 study modules, this will also include the PR fee plus guidance, support in the completion and assessment of your Professional Review prior to submitting to the CIOB.

£350.00 Examination fee payable directly to the CIOB 8 weeks prior to the Examination date.


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