Bespoke Employer Programmes

Gates MacBain Associates have developed a number of programmes in close consultation with employers in order to design and deliver trainee development to bridge the knowledge gap and develop competence at appropriate levels of operation for the company.
This consists of three schemes:

1.    Pre-employment. This is a nine month programme delivered 3 days a week. It includes a Level 1 Construction Diploma and employer specific skills. It also covers work ethics and safe working on site. The purpose of this programme is to identify suitable people for the company and to prepare them for work in the industry.

2.    Site Period. On successful completion of the pre-employment programme candidates are employed on site for 18-24 months under the guidance of a tutor/mentor where they learn the practical aspects of the work. At this stage they are enrolled on a formal apprenticeship that delivers Level 2 Knowledge and Competence. The apprenticeship is delivered in the classroom (1 week in every 4) and on-site where the emphasis is on learning whilst completing permanent works.

3.    Supervisory Development. Those with an aptitude for supervision or identified for promotion will be invited to join the Supervisor Development Programme, a one or two year ‘day release’ programme that delivers a Level 3 qualification. The accredited qualifications (CIOB Certificate in Site Supervisory Studies and a NVQ3) can be supplemented with a certificate of technology in an appropriate discipline.

Combining Qualifications

Gates MacBain Associates are able to provide bespoke, cost effective training which enable a taught course to be run alongside NVQ programmes.  This taught element provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding which is tested as part of the NVQ Assessment process along with the Candidate’s competence to perform their job effectively in the workplace. Successful completion of the NVQ Qualification also enables the Candidate to qualify for the appropriate CSCS Card.

Examples of this type of delivery are the CIOB Level 4 Diploma in Site Management alongside the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervision or NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Site Management.

This style of training had proved successful for a number of companies as it enables them to tailor the training content to their requirements and systems of work whilst benefitting their employees by enabling them to relate the theoretical to the practical aspects of their work as well as providing them with a formal, nationally recognised qualification

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